What to Expect at Your First Acupuncture Session

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One of the many services I offer here at Dr. Lester Chiropractic is acupuncture. This treatment originates in traditional Chinese medicine, but it has since been studied scientifically and shown promise. Many patients have found pain relief from acupuncture treatments, as well as other benefits such as reduced stress and improved recovery times. However, many people are nervous about trying acupuncture because the treatment involves being poked with needles. In this article, I will provide an overview of what to expect from your first acupuncture treatment to help you know what to expect.

What to Expect at Your First Acupuncture Session

  • Consultation – When you come to your first acupuncture session, I’ll first take the time to speak to you about your health history, the concerns that brought you in today, and your wellness goals. Then, I’ll explain the procedure to you (just like I’m doing here) and answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. You can count on me to do all I can to put you at ease.
  • Needle Insertion – As I mentioned above, acupuncture is a treatment that involves inserting tiny needles into the skin. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine believe the needles stimulate the energy pathways in the body to promote healing, while those who come to acupuncture from a Western perspective believe the needles trigger beneficial effects such as endorphin release and increased blood flow to achieve the same results. In any case, the needles are incredibly fine, and you will feel only a tiny prick. Once the needles are in, you won’t feel them.
  • Relaxation – After I have inserted the needles, I will leave you to relax and enjoy the effects of the acupuncture treatment for a while. Many patients report feeling sensations of tingling or warmth around the sites and find the whole experience relaxing.
  • Removal – Finally, I will remove the needles and wrap up the acupuncture session.