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I want what’s best for your overall health.

You want what’s best for your health, and so do I. Come and see me at the office of Dr. Lester Chiropractic if you are ready to find relief from chronic pain, improve your daily performance, enhance your flexibility and mobility, and feel better overall.

Chiropractic Clinic in Pickering, Ontario

My chiropractic clinic in Pickering, Ontario focuses on treating people, not just symptoms. Some of the services I provide at my chiropractic clinic include:

  • Post-concussion treatment—Were you recently involved in a vehicle crash or a sporting incident where you hit your head with significant force? Ongoing post-concussion treatment is a necessity to help you move forward and prevent long-term issues from this injury.
  • Chiropractic services—I see children, adults, the elderly, and anyone else who wants to enhance their health through chiropractic care. These services can help you enhance your physical function and performance, improve your joint coordination and motion, and help you finally get relief from chronic pains and aches.
  • Sports chiropractic services—Are you an athlete? Although you love playing your sport, the continuous motions of practicing and playing can be hard on your body. I can help you improve your performance while preventing future injuries.

Your health is your most valuable possession, and I am here to help you protect and improve it at my chiropractic clinic. Find out more about the different chiropractic services I offer or set up your next appointment by contacting my office today.

At Dr. Lester Chiropractic, my chiropractic clinic serves patients from Pickering, Scarborough, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Markham, and Durham, Ontario.