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I can help you manage the effects of a concussion.

A concussion is a type of mild traumatic brain injury. You can get a concussion when you experience a strong bump, blow, or jolt to your head or another part of your body. When this jolt occurs, the head and brain move rapidly in back-and-forth motions, which can cause the brain to twist or bounce around in the skull. This movement can result in chemical changes in the brain, as well as damage to brain cells.

Post-Concussion Treatment in Pickering, Ontario

Prompt and ongoing post-concussion treatment is a necessity after you are in a sporting incident or vehicle accident in which you hit your head. At Dr. Lester Chiropractic, I offer post-concussion treatment solutions at my office, and I can help you manage the effects of your concussion and work on recovering from the accident.

Although concussions are typically not life-threatening, their effects can be serious. I will perform a full evaluation of your health before providing post-concussion treatment and come up with a customized plan that helps you manage the symptoms of your concussion moving forward. I have extensive training and experience with the treatment and rehabilitation of concussion and post-concussion symptoms, including balance/dizziness problems, ongoing headaches, reading difficulties, visual disturbances, visual motion sensitivity, and issues concentrating.

I provide post-concussion treatment solutions for those in the Pickering, Ontario area in a supportive, compassionate, and patient-focused environment. If you need help overcoming the effects of a concussion, contact my office today to make your first appointment.

At Dr. Lester Chiropractic, I offer post-concussion treatment services to patients from Pickering, Scarborough, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Markham, and Durham, Ontario.